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"Legal Opt-in is one of the best performing lists for my client, Practising Law Institute. The service is always very reliable and accurate. 100% of the time orders are processed with no incidence of problems at all."

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DATACARDS Provide List Details and Help Target Your Promotion

Full list details are available in Legal Opt-In's free, downloadable datacards. Most of our lists include name, title, firm, specialty, email, postal, phone and fax. Contact us if you have questions.

Legal U.S. Attorney Masterfile

U.S. Attorney Masterfile
  • 987,617 attorney records from 491,407 firms and companies
  • 607,075 email addresses ($330/M)
  • 929,374 postal addresses ($125/M)

Your direct link to nearly a million affluent, decision-making lawyers working in law firms, companies, government, schools, and other institutions throughout the U.S.

Legal U.S. Law Firm Masterfile

U.S. Attorney Masterfile
  • 768,076 attorney records from 402,422 law firms
  • 485,184 email addresses ($355/M)
  • 736,568 postal addresses ($150/M)

Targeted to lawyers at U.S. law firms. Reach a comprehensive range of firms--from solo practitioners to firms with thousands of lawyers; from major metros to small towns across the nation. ESPECIALLY RESPONSIVE!

Legal U.S. Corporate Counsel Masterfile

U.S. Attorney Masterfile
  • 106,673 attorney records from 35,420 companies
  • 61,267 email addresses ($355/M)
  • 94,750 postal addresses ($150/M)

Targeted to lawyers working at companies in the U.S. Covers a broad range of industries and company sizes -- from small businesses to multinationals. Fully selectable to help you reach your exact target!

Other Precision-Targeted Lists

  • Business Lawyers (151,178 records)
  • Insurance Lawyers (51,975 records)
  • Family Law Attorneys (35,943 records)
  • Medical Malpractice Lawyers (13,750 records)
  • Elder Law Attorneys (36,871 records)
  • New York City Lawyers (82,072 records)
  • Los Angeles Lawyers (25,601 records)
  • Chicago Lawyers (18,739 records)
  • Texas Lawyers (82,242 records)
  • Florida Lawyers (65,072 records)
  • Washington, D.C. Lawyers (37,234 records)
  • California Lawyers (155,838 records)
  • Solo Practitioners (280,963 records)
  • Small Law Firms (276,167 records)
  • Litigators (115,174 records)
  • Personal Injury Lawyers (36,105 records)
  • Workers Compensation Lawyers (11,829 records)
  • Employee and Labor Lawyers (54,129 records)
  • Decision-Makers (38,067 records)
  • Law Professors (25,260 records)
  • Legal Technologists (10,940 records)
  • Trust and Estate Lawyers (34,578 records)
  • Intellectual Property Lawyers (30,413 records)
  • Government Lawyers (88,174 records)
  • Fortune 1000 Lawyers (72,473 records)
  • Global Lawyers (4,142 records)
  • Bankruptcy Lawyers (15,518 records)
  • Canadian Lawyers (2,795 records)
  • Arts, Entertainment, and Sports Lawyers (5,203 records)
  • Real Estate Lawyers (96,766 records)
  • Tax Lawyers (27,579 records)

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