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Legal Opt-In is the premier source for opt-in email marketing campaigns to legal professionals.  Services include email newsletter advertising, email marketing campaign production, eletter production and email list management.

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"Legal Opt-in is one of the best performing lists for my client, Practising Law Institute. The service is always very reliable and accurate. 100% of the time orders are processed with no incidence of problems at all."

—A Legal Opt-In Client*

* Name available upon request.


Email Broadcasting

What is your minimum email order?

$1,650. The number of records will vary, according to the precision of the list.

What are your email requirements?

We require strict compliance with CAN-SPAM, which means we'll remind you to:

  1. Use an honest Subject line;
  2. Use an honest From address;
  3. Include a postal address.

The fourth requirement is an easy opt-out process, which our system appends automatically.

Why can't my email come "From" Legal Opt-In?

Per CAN-SPAM, false or misleading header information is prohibited. The Act reads: 'Your email's "From," "To," and routing information— including the originating domain name and email address— must be accurate and identify the person who initiated the email.'

Our interpretation of this is that, while Legal Opt-In is the source of the list and a conduit through which your email is processed, we clearly are not the source of the broadcast, much less "the person who initiated the email."

Why do I need to provide a "From" address as well as a "Reply-To" address?

The "From" address will receive all "Out of office" autoresponses. The "Reply-To" address will receive responses from those recipients who click on their "Reply" button rather than one of the links in your email message. A single address can serve both functions, if you choose.

Are we able to provide seeds, and if so, how many?

Yes; any reasonable number of seeds is fine.

What is the time frame for the campaign set up?

Four business days, but we can expedite jobs for a $70 rush fee. This assumes receipt of all materials and required information, and a reasonable testing process.

Do you perform a test push?

Yes. We'll keep testing until you're satisfied (again, within reason).

What day(s) do you recommend broadcasting?

Because there are so many variables, we can't make any recommendations. However, many clients choose mid-week, mid-morning.

Is there any type of guarantee on deliverability?

There's a 100% guarantee on email delivery. You don't pay for addresses that bounce back.

My company has a list of "do not send" emails. Can you exclude these from my broadcast?

Yes. Flat fees are as follows:

  • Up to 100,000 email addresses: $110
  • Up to 1 million email addresses: $350
  • Over 1 million email addresses: $500

We can also suppress entire domains; please contact us for a quote.

Can I have a third-party vendor do this suppression?

No. To protect the integrity of our data and the privacy of those in our database, we will not release our lists to third parties for any reason.

Will you use my "do not send" list for any purpose?

No. We do not use any such data for any purpose besides removal from your list: No selling, no renting, no distributing, no incorporating into our database. Period.

Do you provide tracking, and if so, what is the time frame?

After two business days, you'll receive a results report.

Can I use my own counter to track deliveries, opens, and clickthroughs?

By default, we delete any such counters we find in the HTML. If you insist on using one, we retract our guarantee of 100% deliverability.

Can I personalize my email broadcasts--for example, with a "Dear [FIRST NAME]" salutation?

Yes. Personalization is an additional flat fee of $110.

Do you offer discounts for repeat broadcasts?

Yes. If you want to send the same creative twice or more to the same list, we'll deduct an additional 10% each time (meaning: 10% off the second broadcast; 20% off the third, etc.).

Can I broadcast to my list a portion at a time?

Yes. Broadcasting to the first portion is included in the list rental fee. Additional portions are $110 per broadcast. For instance, broadcasting to one-quarter of your list at a time would add $330 to the cost: $110 for the second quarter, $110 for the third quarter, and $110 for the fourth quarter.

What response rate can I expect?

Response rates dependent on numerous factors, including the nature of your offer, your creative, time of day sent, day of week/year sent, whether the list selections properly target your audience, etc.
Our average "open" rates are in the 7-17% range; of these, an average 2-10% click-through.
So a 5,000-address list might get 250-1,000 opens and 5-100 click-throughs. (Obviously, "typical" covers a wide range.)

How "fresh" are your data?

Very. It is estimated that 31% of email addresses are changed every year. Unlike most list managers, we remove from our list not only required opt-outs, but any email address that bounces. This ensures that you will never pay for an email address that has failed in the past, and that our list grows more and more potent with use.

Can you make revisions to my HTML?

Yes, for an additional fee.

What do your fees include?

Basic HTML validation, testing, broadcast, and results (deliveries, opens, clicks, opt-outs) tracking.

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