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Legal U.S. Attorney Masterfile

U.S. Attorney Masterfile

Your direct link to nearly a million affluent, decision-making lawyers working in law firms, companies, government, schools, and other institutions throughout the U.S.

Legal U.S. Law Firm Masterfile

U.S. Attorney Masterfile

Targeted to lawyers at U.S. law firms. Reach a comprehensive range of firms--from solo practitioners to firms with thousands of lawyers; from major metros to small towns across the nation. ESPECIALLY RESPONSIVE!

Legal U.S. Corporate Counsel Masterfile

U.S. Attorney Masterfile

Targeted to lawyers working at companies in the U.S. Covers a broad range of industries and company sizes -- from small businesses to multinationals. Fully selectable to help you reach your exact target!

Other Precision-Targeted Lists

  • Solo Practitioners
  • (420,576 attorney records)
  • Small Law Firms
  • (223,898 attorney records)
  • U.S. Government Lawyers
  • (89,867 attorney records)
  • Employee and Labor Lawyers
  • (53,192 attorney records)
  • Decision-Makers
  • (34,988 attorney records)
  • Trust and Estate Lawyers
  • (34,597 attorney records)
  • Intellectual Property Lawyers
  • (29,328 attorney records)
  • Law Students
  • (26,846 attorney records)
  • Law Professors
  • (25,338 attorney records)
  • Legal Technologists
  • (10,172 attorney records)

    About Legal

    Legal Opt-In is a lawyer-owned publishing and marketing firm with over a decade's experience marketing to lawyers. We offer unique files of U.S. lawyers who work in law firms, companies, government, schools and other institutions. These lawyers are all highly educated, highly compensated professionals who purchase publications, books, continuing legal education, software, and many other products and services.

    Our lists includes data from wide array of public sources which are extensively cross-checked to ensure accuracy. All statutory and ethical rules are strictly observed to protect list members and advertisers.

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